Fitness Training

Imagine your company as a person – what would he or she look like, what would that person be wearing, what would the voice sound like, what kind of personality would he or she have? Be as specific as you can, and be truthful and honest. This is not an exercise to discover what type of person you wish your company would be, or what it used to be. Are you having some trouble? Is what you are envisioning a vague person-ness that has arms and legs but no real distinguishing characteristics?

When the average consumer encounters a company from the outside, they really only acquaint themselves with the logo, the front desk and a handful of the people that work there. If it’s an online business, maybe the fonts and colors are more memorable, and the 1-800 customer service staff. For a myriad reasons, maybe for fear of upsetting a customer group, or lack of confidence in the company’s ability to outshine their closest competitor, or simply due to lack of thought, the first impressions that most companies make on their consumers are forgettable.

The truth today is that consumers have more choice than ever before and their demands are only growing. Consumers are looking for relationships and the companies that are getting this right are growing rapidly and winning business from their competition. The way that brands like Apple effortlessly romance their customers with streamlined designs, elegant packaging and technical genius is setting the standard for everyone else to follow.

If you want to find a way of getting your potential customers to choose you and then stay with you it’s paramount that you find a way to compete in a market place of just one. Find ways to be truly unique and create a tip to your arrow that is so sharp that it can comfortably pierce any opportunity. Companies can step out of their dullness and into full color and embrace our modern world where everyone wants to feel a part of something. Customers want to feel like they belong to your business and with that deep routed psychological connection they truly commit to your offerings.

Reaching the point where you can touch the hearts of others means that you, your brand and your people all need to understand the company’s personality, what it stands for, its tone and ultimately its full expression!

Working together we find what your business’s voice sounds like, what you have to say, and how to say it to the customers who are out there waiting to hear you. This typically starts by getting to know you better and includes a full review of the following.

  • Working environments
  • Internal communications
  • Employer ratings and reputation
  • Outward online reputation
  • Brand perception
  • Digital marketing
  • Customer correspondance
  • Marketing collateral
  • Executive leadership presentations

Following this full review you receive a comprehensive recommendations report and precise actions that lead to a dramatically improved corporate expression. Typical results from these actions include increased morale in the workforce, improved staff retention, greater new-business opportunities and increased sales and loyalty with existing clients.

Services also extend past the original analysis and customized solutions are available to help you see the full extent of your business’s personality potential.

These services include

  • Consultation over strategic direction
  • Creation and review of revised communication materials
  • Training and coaching of key team members
  • Speaking at your events and conferences

From the small end of town to the worlds leading brands they all need to be heard by their chosen audiences. Here are a few who have chosen to improve their corporate expression.