Fit Flexible & Fabulous

The inspiration for creating this programme comes from two distinct but equal sources. One has to do with my own unique and personal relationship with balancing a heavy work load for my demanding study and career track with an unquenchable urge to have the healthiest and happiest body I can have. The other motivation has come from meeting and working closely with thousands of women across the globe and discovering their habits, schedules, and struggles with maintaining their ideal body and mind.

My relationship with my body’s fitness and awareness has been a lifelong journey. As an former nationally ranked swimmer and former professional level dancer, I had a challenging time in making the transition from other people (coaches, teachers, instructors) telling me what to do with my exercise routine in order to achieve a specific external goal – to now focusing on projects and events and being at the mercy of flights, client dinners, and long days in the office. In this transition, I was left alone to deal with the ramifications and aftermath of all that training and it was tough to find the right balance. Now, my body state is left completely up to me and my own discipline. I’ve journeyed all this way to find that the most proactive, focused, love-filled actions are the ones that truly shape the body I want, and the rest is all illusion.
Since 2013 I have been traveling the world and meeting real ladies who have become nearly attached to their desks, cell phones, cars, client lunches, early mornings, children, etc. and deal with the real life side effects of those actions. I have seen the sense of helplessness in their eyes, that they don’t like where they are at but fear there is no changing it. They fear they won’t be able to change their schedules around to accommodate a gym regimen, they don’t have the budget, knowledge, energy or time to shop for healthy foods.

These girls no longer feel good when sitting in their ever-tighter skirt or trousers at their desk but are ‘planning on losing weight’ and so do not want to make the investment in a larger size of clothes, so they essentially torture their bodies and nag their minds as to the state of what they’ve become. Sound familiar? I’ve been there too!

They use their energy level and current size as a reason to keep putting it off, until their upcoming holiday vacation makes them feel so much panic that they resort to crash diets, shameful feelings, and binge cardio sessions. Women’s bodies become a product of all the accommodations we make, and if we don’t make daily efforts to renew from the inside out then we won’t bring our best selves to anything else.

This programme is designed to help reverse this process and start these powerful and inspirational women back on the track to feeling Fit, Flexible, & Fabulous!

Gain instant access to 27 audio guides to help you through a journey of improving your body’s strength, stretch and emotional balance.